As Executive Director of Released and Restored it is my privilege to welcome you to our website.

Just by visiting you have demonstrated an interest in THE question:

After Prison Then What??

It is a compelling question when you consider 98% of the inmates currently incarcerated in Nebraska’s ten prisons will be released and return to our communities and neighborhoods.

It is even more compelling when you consider U.S. Dept of Justice statistics declare that 67% of the inmates released from prison and jail will re-offend and return to prison.

We believe there is a better way than simply continuing “business as usual” and recycling these individuals back through the prison system.

We believe our communities are safer and taxpayer costs are reduced when fewer crimes are committed.

We believe fewer crimes are committed when former offenders who have been released from prison don’t commit new crimes.

We believe that former offenders are less likely to commit new crimes when they have the skills necessary to live moral, ethical and legal lives in our communities.

Please take a moment to stop by our Programs page to see the types of programming we offer inmates and former offenders to teach them those skills.

Once again, Thank You, for stopping by. It is my hope that you will join us in our efforts to:

Restore Lives – Increase Public Safety – Reduce Taxpayer Cost.

Ruth Karlsson
Executive Director Released and Restored.

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2012/2013 Faith Based Challenge

Help us make sure we can continue our Faith Based classes inside Nebraska Prisons by donating towards the 2012/2013 Challenge today! You can send a check or donate right on our website using your credit card. Donations to Released and Restored are tax deductible. We need to raise $28,500 during 2012/2013 and we're almost halfway there! Click below to go to our donation page to see who has donated and to send us your contribution!
We apply for grants from various foundations to provide non Faith Based programming such as jobs and life skills but that money can't be used for any Faith Based work. Help us continue bringing the Light of Christ into the darkness and to those that need it most by donating today! Remember that if our work keeps just one inmate that is released from prison from going back we save you - Nebraska Taxpayers - an average of $28,000 a year, per inmate!