Planning With Purpose


A 20-week course that teaches critical thinking skills such as goal setting, making positive and constructive choices, having a reasoned response rather than a rash reaction to stressful situations, appropriate conflict resolution skills, and how to create a plan for living a moral, ethical, and legal life in the community after release.

The anticipated outcomes of this program include:

  • Restored lives through:
    • Replacing the old and destructive thought processes with new and constructive thinking skills
    • Practical steps to apply those newly learned thinking skills to real life situations
  • Reduced recidivism through:
    • Better preparedness for re-entry for the soon-to-be released inmate
    • Development of basic skills, personal and practical, including decision-making and coping skills
  • For those serving longer sentences:┬álearning that they too have a purpose and that they are also in need of learning new and constructive ways of thinking so that they may be intentionally purposeful in contributing positively to the community in which they live, inside the institution.