Re-Entry Support


Once men and women have left the prison system (hopefully with some educational resources from Released and Restored), they often need additional assistance to find their way back to the moral, ethical, and legal lives they strive for.

Hiring Employers – All of the education on job readiness within the prison system will do no good if employers aren’t willing to hire former inmates. Gainful employment is a crucial part in helping men and women released from prison to stay out. Without a job they can’t pay for rent, groceries, transportation, etc.

There are tax-breaks available from the federal government for businesses that hire men and women released from prison. Insurance bonding is available through the Nebraska Department of Labor.

We work closely with businesses, in Nebraska, willing to hire men and women released from prison. Inmates who have gone through our Job Skills program successfully get a certificate stating they have completed the class. In this program we teach skills such as:

  • Work Ethics
  • Living on a Budget
  • Personal Appearance
  • Workplace Behavior
  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution

Volunteers from the Nebraska business community are guest speaker/teachers for many classes in the program. This ensures that skills relevant to becoming a good employee are taught to the men and women participating in the program.

If your business or organization is interested in hiring men and women being released from prison, we can help. We can provide training and information, and we can assist in conflict resolution in the rare event this would be needed.