Here you can find various statistics relevant to corrections, recidivism, etc. When possible, we post links to where the statistics have been found making it easy for you to check our sources.


The definition of recidivism found in the U.S Law Encyclopedia: The behavior of a repeat or habitual criminal. A measurement of the rate at which offenders commit other crimes, either by arrest or conviction baselines, after being released from incarceration.

According to information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the national recidivism rate in the United States is 67.5 percent. Recidivism is when an individual released from prison re-offends and returns to prison. It is the most accurate, internationally comparable measurement of how successful a particular correctional system is.

To evaluate the US system, let’s compare recidivism rates in a few other countries:

Sweden’s national recidivism rate is 35 percent (Source).

According to a report from The Japan Times, Japan reached an all-time high recidivism rate of 38.8 percent in 2006 (Article in The Japan Times).

Here (Article) is a very well written article about recidivism rates in Finland during 1993-2001, covering a wide variety of specific population groups. The article is written in English.

Canada’s recidivism rate is roughly 35 percent for men and 20 percent for women (Study Canadian Recidivism – PDF).

Information about recidivism and other prison related statistics for Nebraska is available on Nebraska Department of Correctional Services web site.

Nebraska Correctional Statistics
As of April 2013, there are 4759 inmates incarcerated in Nebraska’s ten state prisons. The average length of stay in Nebraska prisons is 1.84 years, or 22.12 months.

Incarceration Rate
According to a 2008 Pew Research Study, the United States incarcerates 1 in 100 people.

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