“The instructors bring light and offer help to those who are struggling while looking for work, and they help us to regain confidence no matter what the barriers.” – SD

“I learned how to speak during an interview; I learned different places to look for a job, such as job fairs; knowing I can speak clearly to someone from the outside (the volunteers) gives me great confidence I can do it when I get out; I would like to see more people in the community volunteer. At times in this place some of us feel like we are forgotten. If we could get more help, we would know how to help ourselves. If more people would volunteer their time it would help the majority of us.” – Doug

“I learned about and overcame a fear I never knew I had, being interviewed. I can use the budgeting right away. Many men here are products of  lack of education and knowledge of societies expectations. Many of us are dying to be productive citizens. The time and effort the volunteers who are willing to come inside and help us with that task are priceless. The mere fact that you are willing to take time from your lives and families let’s us know we are not wasted lives and just felons, but rather real people. In so many ways this class elevated my chances of success. Having the tools, knowledge, and confidence to present myself in the absolute best fashion is awesome.” – Victor

“I learned that my crimes affect the general public. Having a credit card is good to help build your credit as long as you pay on time. Now I have information that I didn’t have before and I never thought about my dream job, let alone having it as a career. If it wasn’t for this class I really believe I wouldn’t have any other choice but to return back to the only life I’ve known for so many years. As a 5-time convicted felon, I believed I didn’t have any other choice. Now, I’m not ashamed to admit I do have a choice. I want a career and to be able to wake up and work 40+ hours a week because I know my downfalls, and I’m worth changing.” – Charles

“I would definitely recommend the class to other inmates. I would recommend the class so people could become confident when they interview for a job or to get an apartment. The facilitators are positive and helpful with their comments about our interviews and point out things we can work on.” – Ryan

“I would definitely recommend this class. There is more to getting out and finding a job than I thought. I now feel more prepared to transition back into society.” -Delayno