When you donate to Released and Restored, remember that  we are not only making a difference in that former inmates life, but also in the welfare of our entire community. If our work keeps just one inmate that is released from prison from going back, we save you РNebraska Taxpayers Рan average of $28,000 a year, per inmate!

Released and Restored can’t survive without donations from individuals like you and caring groups like churches, youth groups, women’s groups, and men’s groups. Donations to Released and Restored are tax deductible.

Your donations fund the work we do inside prisons and out including:

  • Study materials we provide to inmates who go through our classes
  • Financial foundation for this ministry
  • Our 4-week Jobs Readiness/Life Skills class
  • Our Life Skills/Re-Entry Prep program
  • Our 20-week Planning With Purpose class
  • Some of the work that goes into running Released and Restored (the majority of the work is on volunteer basis)
  • Makes it possible for us to visit churches and organizations across Nebraska and talk about the ministry of Released and Restored

Released and Restored is Advance Special #860 of the Nebraska Annual Conference. For those members of United Methodist Church, your donation through the Conference is considered mission giving.

You can donate in a number of different ways. Through PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account, by check or money order through the mail, in person at any of the speaking appearances we do. If you are interested in remembering Released and Restored in your will please contact us for details. When you donate to Released and Restored we will provide you with a written receipt for your tax records.

Note: For the month of May, 2019 all donations will be made through our Give to Lincoln Day link. Please click on it below to Donate.

To Donate through PayPal using your debit or credit card, click here: