Jobs Readiness/Life Skills


This session program is designed to prepare individuals to obtain and maintain gainful employment post release, teach basic money management skills, and address landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities.

The Jobs Readiness portion of the program prepares individuals for job interviews through an intensive mock interview process. This section also teaches individuals how to conduct job searches, apply for jobs on-line, and how to create and update resumes.

The Life Skills portion of the class teaches individuals the basic money-management skills of creating and living within a budget, keeping a checking account in balance, and the importance of setting aside money regularly in a savings account. In addition, this section also addresses landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities.

Anticipated Outcomes for this program include:

  • Restored lives through:
    • Self-confidence and preparedness for job interviews
    • Pride in good work ethic
    • Reduced recidivism through:
      • Obtaining and maintaining long-term gainful employment
      • Ability to manage and spend money appropriately, and to save money