Ken’s Story

Ken’s Story by Lucas L. Schulte A wide variety of bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, sage, rosemary, basil, chives, and (this year for the first time) even watermelons fill Ken’s bountiful garden. He knows very well the care needed in planting seeds and tending sprouts. Ken tends his life with the same care

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Shane’s Story

  Shane’s Story by Lucas L. Schulte Shane lives a restored life, which he credits in part to Released and Restored for its non-judgmental support, its positive environment, and how it gives hope. Shane was in prison for twelve and a half years. Most of those dozen years he spent at the Nebraska State Penitentiary,

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Harold’s Story

Harold’s Story by Lucas L. Schulte “I took what everyone said about tearing down, and made it into something beautiful: a home.” Though Harold was speaking of the rural mansion he restored, the same could be said about his life: what he felt others were tearing down, Released and Restored helped build up. Harold’s good

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Released and Restored Adapts to COVID-19 Pandemic

How has Released and Restored adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic? For starters, in May we began teaching our Employment Services program to Probationers online via ZOOM. We have also taken precautions at our office by wearing facemasks, working in separate rooms and social distancing during our team meetings. Together, we can all do our part

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Give To Lincoln Day 2020

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – to everyone who donated to us on Give to Lincoln Day 2020! Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue our life-changing work of preparing women and men for their productive and successful return to our local neighborhoods and communities after their release from prison.

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Woods Charitable Fund Annual Report

We’re very honored that the Woods Charitable Fund (WCF) chose to feature Released and Restored in their 2019 annual report.  WCF is an very forward-thinking organization that:   recognizes the humanity of incarcerated women and men; and clearly understands the enormous benefit society receives when incarcerated persons are provided programming and services that prepare them for

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Third Cohort of EMPWR at CCC-L Graduates

We are delighted to announce that the 3rd Cohort of our EMPW program at the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln has graduated. On April 10, 2020, seven dedicated women completed this intensive and comprehensive program. One did so post-release. She was released two weeks before the last class session of the program. To her credit and because

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COVID-19 Update

It is with heavy hearts we share that Released and Restored’s programming has been postponed until further notice in order to do our part in flattening the curve, and reducing the spread of CO-VID 19. Our programs provided to the following are suspended until April 6, 2020: Community Corrections Center – Lincoln Lancaster Adult Detention

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2019 EMPWR Graduates

In 2019, Released & Restored graduated two cohorts of "EMPWR" (Embracing My Personal Worth and Resiliency) from the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln and two cohorts from the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. We are always grateful to work with these dedicated groups of women who have the courage and willingness to make changes in their lives.

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Life Skills/Re-entry Prep Graduates

Say hello to this group of hardworking men who just graduated from our forty-contact hour program , "Life Skills/Re-entry Prep Program". In this program, participants learn skills to obtain and maintain a job, budget and manage money, and how to make healthy and beneficial decisions in order to live productive and successful lives post-release. Congratulations

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