The work of Released & Restored would not be possible without donations, grants, co-operation, and support. Donations to Released & Restored are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Among the Partners of Released & Restored are:

Nebraska Weslayan University-

We are very grateful for the partnership we have with NWU. Each semester students choose Released and Restored for their Service Learning project.  We appreciate having these students work, and their passion and willingness to work with incarcerated persons and learn more about the necessity of structured programming to prepare individuals for their productive and successful re-entry into our local neighborhoods and communities.  Many students continue to volunteer with us after the completion of their Service Learning projects; several have gone to intern with us, and one has joined our staff.

Concordia University-

We also have a partnership with Concordia University.  In the same vein as NWU, Concordia students choose Released and Restored as their service learning projects.  At the conclusion of their projects each student reports on the impact working with Released and Restored and our participants has had on them.  To an individual, each student states that this experience has changed their formerly narrow view of incarcerated persons, to one of being able to see the humanity of the person.

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

We began partnering with NDCS in January 2005 when we offered our first program at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.  We are very grateful for the awareness NDCS has in the importance of providing structured programming that prepares individuals for their productive and successful re-entry into our local neighborhoods and communities.

Lancaster County Corrections

We began partnering with LCDOC in January 2008.  LCDOC is a very forward-thinking county correctional system, recognizing the public safety benefit derived from preparing jail inmates for their successful return to local neighborhoods and communities.

Cause Collective

As a a member organization of Cause Collective we appreciate the hard work and advocacy Cause Collective provides for the Lincoln community for those who are in need, including the incarcerated population.

Homeless Coalition in Lincoln

Released and Restored and the Homeless Coalition recognize the need to help previously incarcerated persons find safe housing, since individuals who have been incarcerated are often likely to experience homelessness.

Re-Entry Alliance of Nebraska

Released and Restored is a charter member of Re-Entry Alliance of Nebraska and its mission to support ex-offenders as they re-enter communities. Together, member organizations work to help those who have been incarcerated integrate successfully back into society.

United Methodist Women across Nebraska

United Method Women Focus their advocacy on women and children. UMW units across Nebraska provide ongoing support for our EMPWR program for incarcerated women.

The Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

We are very grateful for the support from the Great Plains Annual Conference. This funding makes the faith-based portions of our work possible. With this we are able to provide resources such as worship services and pastoral care visits to those who are incarcerated.

 United Methodist Foundation

Many United Methodist churches throughout Nebraska provide support for all of our programs.


A huge thank you to each of our generous donors for making it possible for us to prepare incarcerated women and men for their productive and successful return to our local neighborhoods and communities.

Woods Charitable Foundation

Woods Charitable Fund (WCF) – Very early on, WCF saw the enormous value the work of Released and Restored provides to the community.  Their most recent grant to us funds our EMPWR program provided to the women at the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln.

Hawks Family

The Hawks Family Foundation provides support for our Life Skills/Re-Entry Prep program, and the tools it provides incarcerated persons to prepare for obtaining and maintaining gainful, long-term employment post-release.

Lincoln Community Foundation

Funding received from LCF provides general operating support, which makes it possible for us to continue providing our programs inside various correctional facilities, as well as providing our Re-Entry Support Services to individuals being released and returning to Lincoln.

Ethel S. Abbott Foundation-

Funds received from the Ethel S. Abbott Foundation are used for general operating support for both our programs and our Re-Entry Support Services.  These funds are used to maintain and update laptops and printers in our computer lab.  Our computer lab is a key component of our Re-Entry Support Services, and it is utilized by individuals post-release in searching and applying for jobs, as well as obtaining vital documents such as Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards.

Released & Restored is Advance Special #713 of the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. For those members of United Methodist Church, your donation through the Conference is considered mission giving.