We offer programming inside prison as well as on the outside. These programs include:


EMPWR – This 20-week program was created by Released and Restored to help women learn how to become more self-confident, self-controlled, self-directed, self-sustaining, and self-empowered.

Life Skills/Re-Entry Prep – In two weeks, we teach individuals how to obtain and maintain gainful employment and how to manage the money they earn. Resume building, mock interviewing, money management, and overall job professionalism are just a few things offered through this program. 

Planning with Purpose  –  20 week course of the book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” giving new ways to think and act in positive and constructive manners while creating a plan for living a moral, ethical, and legal life in the community after release.

Job Readiness/Life Skills – This course is designed to prepare individuals to obtain and maintain gainful employment post release, teach basic money management skills, and address landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities.

Re-Entry Support – Once men and women have left the prison system (hopefully with some educational resources from Released and Restored), they often need additional assistance to find their way back to the moral, ethical, and legal lives they strive for.

We work closely with businesses in Nebraska willing to hire men and women released from prison. Inmates who have gone through our Job Skills program successfully get a certificate stating they have completed the class. In this program we teach skills such as:

  • Work Ethics
  • Living on a Budget
  • Personal Appearance
  • Workplace Behavior
  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution