Life Skills/Re-Entry Prep

Preparing inmates to – Get out and Stay out!

A two week program teaching individuals how to obtain and maintain gainful employment and how to manage the money they will earn.

Individuals will learn how to:

* Ace the job interview by –¬†

  • Learning how to properly fill out job applications
  • Learning how to create or update a resume
  • Being prepared to clearly and succinctly answer common interview questions with confidence and skills
  • Learning what types of work attitudes employers are looking for, such as:

* Goal-setting and problem-solving skills

* Team-building and interpersonal communication skills

* Conflict resolution skills

In addition individuals will learn:

  • How to answer questions about their felony open and honestly
  • How to create an open and honest cover-letter that addresses the felony conviction
  • About the federal income tax credits and federal bonding available to employers who hire felons

* Manage money and income so they don’t enter the “black hole of debt” by:

  • Learning a simple way to save money from each paycheck
  • Learning an easy system for paying bills on-time
  • Learning how to keep a checking account balanced
  • Learning how to obtain and maintain good credit history


* Class size is strictly limited to 12 individuals

* Class meets Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

* Class location: 2400 S. 11th (11th & Lake)  Lincoln, NE